A 15-year-old girl was almost kidnapped by a gang of 7ft-tall aliens, according to witnesses.

According to the Daily Mail, 15-year-old Talia —a resident of a Peruvian village known as the Haikito tribe— shared details of her traumatic experience after the aliens attacked and almost kidnapped her.

Talia told documentarians that she was attacked by two masked figures clad in black body armor.

“I went back to our garden to pick tangerines,” Talia told the 5-MeO crew. “And while I was picking tangerines, so I could make myself a drink, that’s when I felt dry leaves blowing all around me.”

When she turned back to see what was behind, she saw a very tall man who she thought was a white man.

“When I tried to run, he grabbed me from back here,” Talia continued. “And he turned me around and covered my mouth.”

She added that the aliens had high-techs and had injected an unidentified cream and powder mixture into her nostrils. The 15-year-old added that the aliens spread this unidentified mixture over her face.

“My eye felt bad, it felt cloudy. My face felt like it was swelling,” the young girl said of the nightmarish experience in the new interview. “I couldn’t feel my face.”

Talia claimed that the kidnapers wore masks with green eyes and carried jetpacks that had platforms activated by a button on their boots.

News of aliens attacking the village first broke in late July after the villagers raised alarms of armored and floating menaces who are bullet-proofed.

However, Peru’s National Prosecutor’s Office has dismissed the alien claims, adding that the assailants are gold mining gangs. Officials revealed the gangs staged the attack to terrorize the village and keep them indoors while they raided the gold-rich jungle in which their village is located.

“They (the illegal gold miners) would be using state-of-the-art technology, such as thrusters that allow people to fly,” said Carlos Castro Quintanilla, the Peruvian government prosecutor now investigating the case.