Popular talk show host and founder of Infowars, Alex Jones, revealed who the deep state will target next following his bold predictions on former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Jones, one of the most de-platformed and censored conservatives, was finally reinstated on X Saturday night after 70% of users voted to have him back. Jones, while speaking in his first X space on Sunday, said the Justice Department and CIA will come hard on Elon Musk for allowing Jones back on X.

“So I said, ‘Look, I understand he knows I’ve been so demonized, so lied about, they built me into the devil’s devil at an emotional level of so many people that they will absolutely come after him at a never before seen level — this happens,’” Jones stated. And the ADL, the CIA and the Justice Department and the Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters — they were already doing it when I was taping the interview like three weeks ago. But since then, all those big establishment sponsors who are already being boycotted by the American people, by the way … Well, now they’re trying to bully Elon, to bully the American people, the people of the world.”

Several prominent companies, including Disney, have pulled their adverts from X in a bid to pressure Elon Musk into making extreme anti-free speech policies on the social platform. Jones believes that the Companies’ X boycott is the reason why Musk decided to lift his ban.

“But I think … as soon as they did that to him (boycott), even though he tried to, you know, basically work with them, was being very very fair … As soon as they doubled down he said, ‘You know what? Screw you, I’ll go ahead then and release the Kraken.’ And it’s not that I’m that good on Twitter or that I’m even that great of a talk show host. It’s the symbol of what they built of Alex Jones is now an archetype of the rebel populist and what the establishment fears. And so what Elon did was really throw down the gauntlet,” Jones stated.

Jones predicted last week that the deep state could assassinate Trump and Biden before next year’s election.

“Despite that (Trump’s indictment), he’s got 60% against all other Republicans, he’s 15-20 points ahead of Biden. It’s backfired, but the deep state is not going to stop,” Jones said. “You know, the Deep State does kill people and that’s their only next move because this is failing. And I think they’re going to kill Biden, too. You see the system and the media going after Biden – and he deserves it. But they were covering it up until now. Now they’re covering the laptop, now they’re covering attack on the dog. Now they’re covering, you know, all of his senility, all the corruption, all the Chinese spies. What I’m saying here is, Biden is a liability for them. Trump is a liability for them. They’ll have a right winger assassinate Biden and then they’ll have a left winger assassinate Trump.”