Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, in an interview with Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, said the control of speech and thought is the reason online censorship is becoming widespread.

Dillon made the remarks during an appearance on Carlson’s social media show where he discussed his ban on X under the previous leadership. Dillon told Carlson that he believes censorship is just a way to control speech and thought. He added that

“I know it’s insane. But it’s, you know, it’s how they control speech and thought … if your worldview is incoherent and impossible to defend rationally, then you have to insulate it from criticism. What’s the most effective kind of criticism there is? I think it’s mockery, which exposes foolishness for what it is,” Dillon stated. “I honestly was mistaken about this. It’s something I admit I was wrong about … It was my belief that humor — these were humorless scolds who just didn’t think our jokes were funny. And they thought they were offensive and they were being hypersensitive. And that’s not the case.”

X, formally Twitter, banned Dillon’s company under its previous leadership. The Bee’s account was reinstated after Billionaire Elon Musk purchased the social media platform. NBC News investigative journalist Brandy Zadrozny criticized Musk’s decision to lift the ban.

Dillon told Carlson that people like Zadrozny want censorship because their narrative is being challenged.

“I eventually learned and came to realize that it’s not humor. Humor is a vehicle for truth delivery. They don’t like the fact that the narrative is being challenged in a way that’s effective, and so they have to shut you up. And so that’s what it’s about. It has nothing to do with them being … offended,” Dillion added. “It’s all fake outrage because they’ve learned that fake outrage can be used as a tool to bludgeon you into silence and submission.”

Carlson agreed with Dillon’s assertion while adding that those who enforce online censorship are capable of killing.

“That’s exactly right. If they would censor you, they would kill you. Period. Because you don’t censor a peer, another citizen, another human being. You censor your slaves. You censor somebody considered less than human. So, if censorship doesn’t work, they indict you. If that doesn’t work, they would kill you. That’s just, I mean, it’s a very obvious continuum,” Carlson stated.