President Joe Biden on Friday admitted that some of his policies in the Middle East may have pushed Hamas to carry out its deadly Oct. 7 attack and kidnappings on Israel.

Biden made the admission while speaking at a press conference held to discuss the release of the first wave of Israeli hostages held by Hamas. The president told reporters that Hamas may have carried out the Oct. 7 attack because he was working with Arab leaders to bring peace to the region.

“I cannot prove what I’m about to say, but I believe one of the reasons Hamas struck when they did is because they knew I was working very closely with the Saudis and others in the region to bring peace to the region by having recognition of Israel and Israel’s right to exist,” the president said. “You may recall when we did the G20 a little while ago, I was able to get a resolution, a statement passed through there saying we are going to build a railroad from Riyadh all the way through the Middle East into Saudi Arabia, Israel etcetera all the way up to Europe. Not the railroad, it’d be an underground pipeline railroad. The whole idea is there is overwhelming interest and I think most Arab nations know it and coordinating with one another to change the dynamic in their region for longer term peace and that is what I am going to continue to work on.”

Speculations from many experts, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, that Hamas carried out the attack to provoke a response from Israel. The terror organization believes that Israel’s response will likely disrupt peace talks in the region.

While Hamas may have carried out the attack to disrupt peace negotiations between the Israeli government and Arab leaders, many —including former President Donald Trump— have argued that it is Biden’s weakness and policy towards Iran that prompted the attack.

“I predicted War on Israel immediately after it was announced that Joe Biden gave $6 billion to Iran. They got so much money,” Trump said. “At this time, Israel and the United States need very strong partnership and leadership. You gotta have strong leaders. If you don’t have strong leaders, it doesn’t matter how many army tanks you have In addition to the billions of dollars given to Hamas’s top funder, Iran, Joe Biden restored hundreds of millions of dollars to very corrupt Palestinian entities. He gave them hundreds of millions of dollars. Many people didn’t even know it. Wonder what deal he made? Joe Biden betrayed Israel, he betrayed our country.