A local community was left in shock following a shocking event that occurred at a subway station.

According to The New York Post, A father of three died on Sunday night while trying to break up an argument over loud music.

Richard Henderson, 45, was on his way home from watching a football game with friends when he was slain on a train. Authorities reported.

According to the police, Henderson got on the train with one of his friends in East New York, and the shooter entered at the next stop. The gunman started arguing with a fellow rider over loud music, and Henderson tried to talk the men out of quarreling.

The gunman opened fire twice in Henderson’s direction as the train approached the next stop. However, Investigators are not sure if the gunman was aiming at the victim or the man the gunman was arguing with, sources said.

Police found Henderson was found mortally wounded several stops later. “He died helping someone,” Jermaine said. “That’s him! He’d give you the shirt off his back if he saw you were cold. He always intervened, he always wanted peace.” “That’s just what he did his whole life: Help people,” Jermaine continued. “We’re baffled. He was on his way home to his family.”

According to his family, Henderson was a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, his family said. And even though his team wasn’t playing until Monday night, he wanted to watch a good game with his pals.

The victim’s brother, Jermaine Henderson, described him as a man Who wouldn’t hurt anybody.

“We’re just still shell-shocked trying to make sense of it,” Jermaine said. “My brother, he wouldn’t hurt anybody. He would give you the shirt off his back. He would help you. In a situation, he would be the first one to try to help. He just was about peace and wanting everybody to get along.”

Before his death, Henderson worked as a crossing guard at a private school on the Upper West Side for more than a decade.

“He was a peaceful man,” his oldest son said. “There was never any beef between him and anybody, he got killed because he was trying to make peace. Everyone here is numb. We’re still just trying to come to believe that this is real.”

Authorities have not released any information about the suspect, and no arrest has been made.