Former Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson suggested the social issue plaguing the country is being fuelled by something deeper than politics.

Carlson, while speaking at the Risk On 360! Global Success Conference, listed social issues such as former President Donald Trump’s indictments, rising crimes, the war in Ukraine, gender ideology, and financial crimes in the crypto industry.

“The big lie that we tell ourselves and that I have told many times is that this is political, this is not political what we’re watching is not political. This is not politics,” Carlson said. “Politics is a human-conceived system whereby civilized people settle their differences without violence and by consensus. Politics describes a negotiation. You want this, I want that neither of us is going to get exactly what we want, but we’ll each come away thinking, we didn’t get totally hosed and we can continue to live together. We are passed the political stage. Nothing that is happening now or that has happened for the last five or six years can be explained through conventional political terms.”

The former Fox News host maintained that what is happening in the country is “bad behavior for its own sake.” Carlson added that while he does not condone crimes such as stealing and wanting power by all means, he understands why people do those things. He, however, insisted that there is no upside to transgenderism.

“What’s happening is bad behavior for its own sake,” Carlson said. There is no upside to the great trans of our age. There’s no upside to pushing transgenderism on kids, period. Not for the kid. Not for the society at large. Not for the parents who will never have grandchildren. So, why are they doing that? Is it really a conspiracy from gender clinics? I mean, maybe to some extent but it’s bigger than that. What you’re seeing is evil done for its own sake. Hurting people done for the sake of hurting people. That’s exactly what you’re seeing.”