The House Oversight Committee has revealed that President Joe Biden is refusing to provide evidence of a loan agreement with his brother, Jim Biden.

President Biden’s lies that he has never received any money from his brother took a beating when Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. James Comer (R-KY) revealed that the president received two payments from Jim and Sarah Biden. The first payment was a $200,000 payment that Jim and Sarah sent to the president in 2018.

The couple also made another $40,000 payment of laundered China money to the president in 2017. Both payments to the president were disguised as loan repayments to Joe Biden, according to Comer.

The House Oversight Committee has revealed that the president is refusing to hand over any loan document or loan agreement between him and his brother.

“The White House today made clear to us that President Biden is refusing to hand over loan documents for any ‘loans’ he provided to his brother, James Biden,” the committee posted Friday on X. “We’ve exposed nearly a quarter of a million of dollars that James Biden sent to Joe Biden as ‘loan repayments’ that were funded by laundered China money and influence peddling schemes. Is this what ‘the most transparent administration in history’ is supposed to look like? We won’t be stopped by the president’s stonewalling. We’ll continue to follow the money, expose President Biden’s corruption, and deliver accountability.”

The president has continued to distance himself from his family’s corrupt foreign deals with claims that he has no involvement in any of the deals. Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow, however, believes that the president is the head of the Biden crime family. Marlow suggested that the president is the only one in 50 years who figured out how to stay in power and get his family rich through corruption.

“He is the one, in over fifty years in Washington, who figured out how you stay in power in this country,” Marlo said.”That is to do favors. You do favors for people domestically and you do favors overseas. Those favors don’t just mean more power for Joe, they actually mean more money for his family. I document 20 may be 30 of them in the book. All of them end up enriching certain Bidens for nothing.”