Former CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo blasted pro-Hamas college kids while adding that the students would have gotten a very different and unpleasant reaction if they had reacted the same way following the 9/11 attacks.

Support for Hamas has seen a sharp increase in university and college campuses in the United States following the terror organization’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel. Cuomo maintained that the students would have gotten a violent reaction if they had shown the same reaction following the 9/11 attacks.

“America was asked by those in the region to exercise restraint after 9/11,” Cuomo said on Tuesday night,” Cuomo said. “Do you remember that? If you’re under 30- something, you probably don’t. Google it. College campuses weren’t calling for a ceasefire the same way then. And America likely would have ignored it. Or, I’ll tell you really the truth, and I don’t like to say this, if these college kids had been mouthing off about ‘we got what we deserved’ the way they’re saying about Israel right now, this would have been a very violent time in this country. And thank God it didn’t happen then and I hope it doesn’t happen.”

Cuomo argued that the country would never have tolerated any support for the terror group responsible for 9/1, regardless of what anyone thought about the Iraq war.

“And if you think the country would have tolerated support for al-Qaeda’s actions, as we’re hearing now, it would have been bedlam,” he said.

Cuomo accused the students and other pro-Hamas supporters of ignoring the facts and Hamas atrocities.

“Again, I’ve seen a lot of acts of terror. I’ve seen a lot of brutality, I’ve seen a lot of death. I’ve seen a lot of heads and things chopped off and burned and all the different things that you see in movies,” Cuomo concluded. “I’ve never seen a group, celebrate and enjoy what I saw with my own eyes that I hope you get to see as well. And the fact that it’s being ignored here by so many, or rationalized by so many, is unbelievable to me, especially younger people. I guess you’re too young to remember what 9/11 meant for the next 10 years of our lives.”