Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) on Friday admitted to the rise of antisemitism among those on the left.

Goldman, while speaking on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” said the rising antisemitism is incredibly disheartening, especially when it is coming a few weeks after the Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.
“Well, we’ve known there’s been a strain of antisemitism on the right for some time, Charlottesville being the prime example of that,” Goldman said. “What we have seen over the last six weeks is a latent antisemitism bubbling over into the public sphere that’s coming from the far fringe left. It’s sort of a horseshoe theory that meets around antisemitism, where you have the extreme left and the extreme right, both of which, for different reasons, seem to hate Jewish people. It is incredibly disheartening, Jake, that, in the aftermath of the most brutal, horrific attack, genocidal terrorist attack on Jews in Israel on October 7, that, rather than rally around the Jewish community and Israel, what we are seeing on college campuses and elsewhere, all around the country, and certainly, in New York City, is a rise in antisemitism, and it is somewhat bewildering and perplexing for me, and it’s very deflating and disheartening to see.”
Goldman’s New York office was recently vandalized by anti-Israel protesters who spray painted words like “Free Palestine” “Blood On Your Hand” and “Let Gaza Live” on his office. Goldman said the damages done to his office were dangerous. The lawmaker added that it is unfortunate that the protesters are using harassment and vandalism to attack him over his support for Israel.

“That’s a conversation that I really want to have with my constituents in my districts and unfortunately, they’re using vandalism and various attacks and harassment against me on my office,” Goldman added. My staff showed up this morning to see that my staff is there every day trying to serve the constituents here. I signed up for public office. They did not and it is egregious and dangerous for people to be doing this in a threatening way to public servants who are trying to help the community in every way possible.