Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz on Wednesday made a proposal that might end university campus support for Hamas following the terror organization’s attack on Israel.

Hamas on Saturday carried out a deadly attack on Israel that shook the world. The attack saw terrorists murder over 1,2000 Israeli and American citizens, including women and children. The terrorists also took several hostages. Reports also showed that the terror groups beheaded Israeli babies in front of their parents.

Hamas, however, received support from a huge number of students on American university campuses. Students and faculty members from elite universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia and The City University of New York (CUNY) have shown support for Hamas’ barbaric act.


However, most of those students and faculty members have chosen to hide behind their organizations’ names and refuse to identify themselves. Dershowitz, in an opinion piece on The Daily Caller, maintained that the reason they have chosen to do this is because they do not want to be held accountable in the court of public opinion for their own despicable views.

The law professor argued that the names of those students and faculty members should published so they can be judged and held accountable for their views.

“Let the student newspapers, many of which are rabidly anti-Israel, publish the names of all students and faculty members who belong to groups that support and oppose Hamas,” Dershowitz said. “… So let the names be published. Let the despicable students and faculty members who support Hamas stand up and defend their indefensible views, and let the marketplace of ideas decide who is right and who is wrong.”


Dershowitz argued that Israel supporters are not known to be violent and as such Hamas supporters should not be afraid to stand by their views publicly.

“The students who anonymously vote to support Hamas’ recent attacks need not be fearful of anything but disdain and criticism. They should be willing to subject themselves to the marketplace of ideas. They should not resort to cowardly hiding behind the names of prominent organizations such as ‘Amnesty International at Harvard’ — one of the groups that said they ‘hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all” the massacres and rapes.’ They should be prepared to defend these immoral views.”