Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis revealed on Monday that he would not welcome China’s Xi Jinping to Florida the way Carlifornaian Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom did.

DeSantis, while speaking on Newsmax TV, noted how Newsom cleaned up San Francisco in anticipation of Xi’s visit.
“No, we wouldn’t do that,” Desantis said when co-host Eric Bolling asked if he would welcome Xi in Florida. “When you see what happens, he went over to China and groveled to Xi. And then they do all this — like, San Francisco is a pigsty, but because it’s Xi, then they do all this stuff, they actually clean the feces off the sidewalk, they cleaned up some of the drug use, all this stuff. But it just shows you that’s the boss coming in there that these guys are all genuflect[ing] to. You saw these CEOs paying $40,000 to be able to sit there and dine with him. They did a standing ovation when he gave a speech. That’s not how I roll with this. I think China is a threat to this country. I think we need to decouple our economy from China.”
DeSantis lamented how the U.S. has become heavily dependent on China for pharmaceutical supplies and military equipment. The GOP governor maintained that the U.S. must find a way to decouple its military from China’s.

“All these things that are key to national survival, we’ve got to go through China,” DeSantis added. “Why would we want to put ourselves in that predicament? So, this has happened over many decades. A lot of people on Wall Street made money. There’s no question. But it has weakened this country and it has strengthened an adversary. We were promised that if you do most favored nation and put them in the WTO, that China would become more democratic, it’s been the opposite. They’re much more authoritarian today than they were 20, 25 years ago, and their military is much stronger today than it was 20, 25 years ago. So, not only would we not welcome, we’ve already taken action. We banned China from buying land in the state of Florida. We kicked out the Confucius Institutes from our universities because we understand the threat.”