Police in Nashville arrested a Muslim family earlier this week for allegedly beating up a member of their family.

According to an arrest warrant, officers responded to a welfare check on Dec. 11 to find a juvenile who appeared to have been severely cut with a knife. The victim also had lumps on his face.

Reports showed that the juvenile victim —whose identity has not been revealed— told officers that his family attacked him with a knife for converting to Christianity. According to authorities, the victim’s employer called the police to the scene after fearing for the child’s safety.

The victim also told police officers that his mother, brother and father repeatedly punched him and spat in his face. Following the severe beating he got from his family members, His mother then took a knife and repeatedly cut the back of his right hand.

The victim added that his family demanded that he take back his Christian belief and say he was a Muslim during the brutal attacks. Reports also suggest that the assault on the juvenile victim continued until officers arrived at the scene.

Upon arrival, officers found the victim “trembling and wide-eyed” with “disheveled” hair, the victim was then transferred to a local hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Police arrested the victim’s brother John Kadum, 29, and father Nick Kadum, 57, and charged them with domestic assault and bodily injury. The victim’s mother, Rawaa Khawaji, 46, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.