President Joe Biden’s troubles continue to mount with Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) making a shocking revelation that could end the Biden presidency.

Mullin, in an interview on NewsMax TV’s “Wake Up America,” told host Rob Finnerty that he has spoken to at least five Senate Democrats who are willing to look honestly at an impeachment case against the president.

“What’s interesting about the Senate versus the House is the senators have a lot bigger area, a lot bigger state to cover,” Mullin said. “So they cover blue parts of the other state plus red parts. And when you talk to some more moderate leaning senators, they will tell you that if the House sends us over an airtight case, that it completely easily points to the president breaking the law in treason, misdemeanor, high crime, that they would try it just like they would any other case, and go into it without a bipartisan look. But with a criminal look.”

Mullin told Finnerty that the five Senate Democrats said they would look at the president’s impeachment fairly and objectively. He added that the Democrat lawmakers said they would vote to convict if the offenses levied against the president were “convictable offenses.”

“They said if it was a convictable offense, they would definitely be looking to convict,” Mulling added. “Okay in a not as I said, a non bipartisan look, I’ve had that conversation with five. I will not name them because I don’t want to put them in a position but with five separate senators. All five of them have said the exact same thing.”

House investigators have unveiled several damning evidence against the president. The evidence showed that President Biden benefited financially from his family’s corrupt practices and influence peddling.

An FBI confidential human source file also alleges that the president —while he was vice president— coerced Bursima’s top executive to pay him a $10 million bribe.

The House voted to officially open an impeachment inquiry into the president last week.