A Fox News guest has revealed that House Republicans have a strong case against President Joe Biden as lawmakers prepare to depose first son Hunter Biden.

Seamus Bruner, Director of Research at the Government Accountability Institute told Fox News channel’s “Fox & Friends” that the impeachment inquiry into President Biden is an open and shut case.

“If they can get Hunter Biden behind closed doors and drill down on two questions; Number one, did you ever talk to your father about your foreign business dealings? We know the answer to that is yes. Hunter’s not been honest about this, but the second question is did your father ever talk to your business partners while doing foreign policy that affected their business? And the answer to both those questions is yes, and the money proves that things of value were transferred. Now, Joe Biden in his own words has said he withheld the billion or dollars, that’s an official action right there unless they fired the prosecutor, and then the email showed that the Burisma executives wanted Joe Biden to do that. So this is an open and shut case as far as I’m concerned,” Bruner said.

Hunter Biden is set to testify before lawmakers in a private hearing this December. The first son has, however, demanded that his hearing be made public. House Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) and House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) have dismissed Hunter’s demand for a public hearing. Bruner agreed with both lawmakers while adding that Hunter wanted the public hearing so he could make it about his drug problems.

“It needs to be behind closed doors,” Bruner said. “And, of course, Hunter and his allies want to make it the public spectacle where it’s about the drugs and the prostitutes and or poor Hunter’s problem. They need it behind closed doors so they can really drill down, get to the meat of the problem, follow the money, reference the emails that are so damning against Hunter and even Joe.”