Fox News’ “The Five” reacted to news of a New York City high school where students tried to “hunt” a teacher for attending a pro-Israel rally.

Students at Hillcrest High School started a riot after discovering that a teacher at the school had attended a pro-Israel rally. The high schoolers’ riot forced the teachers to hide in a locked office for hours.

Fox News host Jesse Watters and one of the panelists on The Five maintained that the students need to be “Paddled” but that won’t happen because the system does not allow corporal punishment.

“Paddle them. Paddle the Bejeezus out of them. I don’t think you’re allowed to do that anymore,” Watters said. “It’s called corporal punishment, but it is a confusing time when a teacher can sleep with a student, a teacher can teach them that white people are bad and two plus two is five and they can transition students, no one says anything, everybody just goes about their day. But God forbid a teacher on the weekend goes to a pro-Israel rally and holds a sign up. They hunt them down like an animal. That’s crazy…. This is a bad school and this can’t go on.”

Co-host Jeanine Pirro agreed with Jesse’s assessment while highlighting Hillcrest students’ violent history in the school.

“Hillcrest School has had a lot of problems,” Pirro said. “There are three school resource officers who are literally assaulted by kids in this school. They not only took turns punching this guy, but they had a cop up against the wall and they were beating him in the head.”

“America’s Newsroom” co-host Dana Perino maintained that there is something fundamentally wrong with the school. Perino added that the violent scene was like something from a movie and that it left her wondering if that was happening in America.

“There’s a fundamental, huge problem here. There’s nobody in New York who seems to be suffering any consequences for their actions except for I did see two women pulling down the posters, they were arrested,” Perino said. “They were arrested. So, maybe that will be something that looks like a consequence. That will stop this behavior. You wonder, why do you think we have a teacher shortage in America? Who would want to do it?”