CNN’s senior legal analyst Elie Honig and Well-known Trump hater George Conway got into a heated debate on whether former President Donald Trump was eligible to run for president in 2024.

Conway, who is a vocal critic of the former president, argued that Trump is not eligible to run for office under the provisions of Section Three of the 14th Amendment.

“All the arguments that I have seen against disqualification are bogus, like the one that my friend Elie just mentioned. He suggested the only way that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment could be enforced is through an act of Congress. That’s just not true. There’s nothing in Section 3 that says that. There’s nothing that says that in the other provisions of the 14th Amendment,” Conway argued. “If it were true, that would mean that if Congress repealed tomorrow all of the civil rights acts that were enacted from the time of the Civil War through the ’60s to the present, that would mean under Section 1, that Section 1, which prohibits race discrimination, that would mean that states could immediately start re-segregating their schools and there would be no way to enforce it. That’s just not the law.

Conway maintained the arguments against banning Trump from the ballot are pathetically weak, before suggesting that the Supreme Court might have a hard time keeping the former president on the ballot.

Honig disagreed with Conway’s claim that there are no provisions in the 14th Amendment that require Congress to pass such laws.

“There is language on this specifically in the 14th Amendment. Everyone’s talking about Section 3, which is very important,” Honig responded. “ It says if an officer engages in insurrection or gives comfort to enemies of the country, he’s disqualified. Great. But Section 5 is two sections ahead, which says Congress shall have the power to pass legislation to enact this amendment. So has Congress done that? No. It doesn’t say Congress shall have the power or states can if they feel like it.”

“That’s nonsense. Elie, that’s just complete nonsense,” Conway shot back at Honig. “You don’t need Congress to tell you to follow the Constitution. No more than you need Congress to tell you to follow Section 1’s prohibition in the 14th Amendment that says that you can’t put black kids in a different school.”