With calls for humanitarian pauses by Israel rising globally, Israeli Government Spokesman Eylon Levy urged those making those calls to demand that Hamas release the vast supply of fuel the terror organization has been hoarding.

Levy, while speaking on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” reacted to reports that the White House is getting frustrated over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Levy added that Israel is not against sending humanitarian aid to Gaza. He also revealed that the Jewish State is working to allow greater humanitarian aid into Gaza on the condition that Hamas is not allowed to benefit from the aid or use humanitarian corridors to re-arm itself.

However, Levy suggested that Hamas must release the large reserve of fuel it uses to run its tunnel system to civilians.

“Members of the international community that want to see fuel reach the people of Gaza should insist that Hamas, the governing body in the Gaza Strip, release the fuel that it already controls. … I promise you, Hamas and its tunnels underneath that hospital have all the fuel they need to ventilate those tunnels,” Levy said. “Hamas has been drip-feeding fuel to these hospitals in order to keep them operational. Why has Hamas been drip-feeding fuel to the hospitals? Because it wants to continue using innocent Palestinians as human shields in order to shield the military targets that are located underneath those hospitals. That is, of course, a grave breach of international law under the Geneva Conventions, for any army — not to mention a brutal ISIS-like terror organization — to use human civilians in that way as human shields. The fuel exists in the Gaza Strip for all of the humanitarian needs, but it’s controlled by Hamas, the same Hamas that we’re concerned, if we allow more fuel into the Gaza Strip, is going to requisition those supplies anyway. And you don’t have to take our word for it, The New York Times published just yesterday or the day before, an article stating clearly, there is one group in the Gaza Strip that remains well-stocked in terms of fuel and food and all other sources, Hamas.”