Former Mayor of Jerusalem and current Israeli Minister of the Economy Nir Barkat told Fox News that Hamas could spread to the rest of the world if Israel does not defeat Hamas.

Barkat, who was mayor of Jerusalem from 2008 to 2018, told Fox News host Neil Cavuto that Israel is not only fighting for its future but for the rest of the world.
“You know, this is not just for Israel,” he stated. “There’s a reason why the Arab states, the moderate Arab states, are waiting for us to beat Hamas. There’s a reason, because the world understands that if the Islamic Jihad is successful in this horrendous attack and they get away with it, it’s going to happen all over the world. That’s why we have to win and have total surrender. And we need the help of the world. Give us the time we need. We’re considerate, we don’t want to hurt innocent people, but we have to wipe Hamas off the face of the Earth.”
Barkat described Hamas terrorists as monsters and added that Israel will not relent until it defeats the terror organization.

“You saw the atrocities; you saw how they burned people alive; you saw how they [Assaulted] women and put a little baby in the oven and cooked him. We saw all the atrocities; they filmed it themselves. They were proud of it … they’re monsters. The atrocities are worse than the Nazis. Nazis hid the atrocities. And Hamas, ISIS, didn’t even hide it; they’re proud of it. … In the war against Germany, I don’t remember anybody asking for any kind of humanitarian gestures. Just complete 100% surrender. This is what will happen to Hamas.”

Barkat defended his nation over the civilian casualties in Gaza, saying Israel does not want its missiles to hit innocent people.
“And we in Israel have a very soft heart for people,” Barkat noted. “We don’t want to hit any innocent people. We hide our people in shelters [from Hamas rockets], they don’t. They hide behind their citizens; they’re using our people [the hostages] as human shields. And we have to go through this and make sure that we don’t hurt innocent people and we enable them to flow back to safety on the southern part of Gaza when we attack the north part. We don’t need the world to tell us; we know we will be as considerate as possible.”