House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed that the FBI’s decision to go after conservative parents and Catholics is the reason House Republicans are refusing to grant the agency money for its new headquarters.

Jordan, in an interview with Fox News Sean Hannity, revealed how the FBI misused its power to go after conservatives, adding that it all began when President Joe Biden labeled conservatives fascists.

“This whole mind — remember when Joe Biden stood in front of Independence Hall and talked about how one-half of the country is fascist, and we got, it’s this whole mindset,” Jordan said. “If you’re pro-life, if you’re a traditional Catholic, somehow you’re radical, somehow you’re an extremist. Remember this is part of the Justice Department that said if you’re a mom and dad going to a school board meeting, you’re an extremist as well. So this is the mindset. This is what’s so scary, and this is why we don’t want to give them more money for a new headquarters, and why we’ve formed this committee to look at all the things they have done in this area, and, of course, in the censorship area.

The lawmaker added that the FBI’s penchant for going after conservatives has grown significantly, with the agency now embedding agents among Catholics. Jordan revealed that the FBI had no legitimate basis to insert federal law enforcement officers into Catholic houses of worship.

“Well, first, they told us it was just one field office, the Richmond field office. Then we learned that oh, no, no, it was bigger than that. It was Multiple field offices involved in this attack on pro-life Catholics, “ Jordan said. “And now, we learn as you pointed out, Sean, that the FBI was talking to a priest and a choir director. Now, again, remember the larger context, this is the same FBI that spied on President Trump’s campaign. This is the same FBI that censored Americans. This is the same FBI, on this particular issue, that went to Mark Houck’s home, a pro-life Catholic, arrested him in his home in front of his wife and seven children. When that case goes to court, Mark Houck wins, which is that’s how ridiculous this all is.”