New York County Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron has once again hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons after reports surfaced that he regularly posts nude torso pictures in the online high school alumni newsletter.

Judge Engoron, who is currently president over a civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump, posted two nude torso pictures In an October 7, 2021, online issue of the Wheatley School Alumni Association newsletter. Engoron, however, did not show the bottom half of his body in the picture.

Jesse Watters, host of Fox News “Jesse Watters Prime Time,” argued that men like Engoron should not be left to decide if Trump should be allowed to keep his business license.

“We found out today that this judge runs a high school alumni newsletter,” Watters said. “If you graduated from Wheatley and you’re interested in attending your class reunion, the judge has you covered. But that’s the only thing the judge covers. This is Trump’s judge sharing your run-of-the-mill bonus torso photo. This is Judge Nudie’s newsletter. If he’s posting some other man’s nude bathroom selfie, I don’t know if that makes it better or worse. Plus, circumstantial evidence leads us to believe that yes this is Judge Nudie’s bare chest. Judge Nudie has the right to express himself in any way he wants. We don’t judge. But he does. The nude bathroom selfie-sharing former drawbar gets to decide whether Donald Trump’s real estate empire lives or dies. You can’t take this man seriously. Men like this can’t have the unilateral power to nuke the President’s business license because a racist prosecutor asked him to, The man’s a joke. If anybody should be hit with a gag order, it’s Judge Nudie.”

Watters revealed that Fox News reached out to Engoron for comments about the nude photos and is awaiting the Judge’s response.

News site Raw Story said it approached the judge for comments on the photos. Engoron, however, declined to give any comment, telling the media outlet “Sorry, I can’t comment. Bye.”