Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder, urged Israel to kill all Hamas terrorists, including his father, if the terror group does not release all the hostages it took on Oct. 7.

Yousef, son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef —a co-founder of Hamas— called for Israel to intensify its attack on Hamas if all hostages are not released.

“Israel cannot continue like this … Hamas must have a timeframe – a month or two or six months – to return the hostages and if they don’t return the hostages within the time frame, Israel must execute top Hamas leaders in prison, especially the mass murderers,” Yousef said in a social media post. “When I say execute top leaders, I mean no exceptions, that includes my own father. I made a mistake ten or 15 years ago when I saved his life many times … He was supposed to die for his actions. I saved his life. Things did not change, things got worse. If this is what Hamas wants, the release of those mass murderers, then in my opinion this is the head of the snake.”

Yousef urged Israel not to see Qatar as a mediator or a fair third party so long as it continues to host Hamas leadership.

“Qatar should be treated as an enemy state as long as they continue to host Hamas leadership on their soil,” Youse added. “Israel must make this very clear to the Qataris and the rest of the world.”

Yousef has been very critical of Hamas since the terror group carried out its deadly attack on Israel. Last month, Yousef called for the total destruction of the terror group, warning that Hamas will turn its eyes on the rest of the world if Israel fails to wipe it out.

“If Hamas is not defeated, if Hamas is not eradicated in Gaza, we will set the model, we will give the freedom to so many radical groups around the world,” he warned. “And this is just a warning. If you really care for the global security — and I speak of a person who was part of the counter-terrorism effort against radical Islamists — if Hamas is not defeated in Gaza, it will inspire many groups around the globe. They will see that a few thousands of savages can blackmail the international community, the superpowers and bring democracies to their knees. Many of them are watching now and many of them are very happy about how the world is responding. And many of them are satisfied to see the state of confusion and fear and anxiety. This is the time to get united. Because if Israel fails in Gaza, all of us will be next.”