A man ruined Christmas for two people after going on a stabbing spree in New York City on Christmas day.

Police said Steven Hutcherson, 36, stabbed two South American tourists at Tartinery in the Grand Central Dining Concourse around 11:25 a.m. on Monday. The victims are two teenage sisters who were visiting from South America and were enjoying a meal in New York City’s Grand Central Station with their parents.

Hutcherson stabbed one of them in the back and the other in the thigh. Both girls, aged 14 and 16, were taken to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening stab wounds. The girls were released from the hospital that same day.

Police could now open a hate crime investigation into the suspect after authorities said Hutcherson targeted White people.

“I want all the white people dead,” the suspect allegedly yelled, according to police sources. “I want to sit next to the crackers.”

Police said Hutcherson plunged the knife into the 16-year-old’s back, nicking her lungs.

According to The New York Post, Hutcherson showed up at the restaurant and demanded a table but wasn’t going to order anything. When the restaurant managers refused, he became angry and pointed at his victims’ family, arguing that they weren’t eating anything at the time. He then grabbed a Knife and attacked the girls.

“They [the victims] had no idea he was even there, and he just pulled out a knife and stabbed one girl in the back,” the manager of the restaurant told NBC4. “Everyone was just running,” recalled a MTA employee who was witness to the stabbing spree and added it was a “chaotic” scene, the New York Post reported. Hutcherson has a previous criminal record of last being arrested on Nov. 7 over threatening to shoot someone, the outlet noted. He had 16 arrests prior to that and was known to the police for being mentally unstable, ABC 7 reported.

Police said Hutcherson, who has been classified as an “emotionally disturbed person” due to his mental health issues, has 17 prior arrests on his rap sheet.