Former President Donald Trump’s win is still sending shivers down the spines of liberal crybabies, with MSNBC host Joy Reid the latest to go on a complete meltdown following the former president’s record-breaking win.

Reid, while speaking on her show “The ReidOut,” accused President Trump’s Iowa voters of wanting revenge because they have “racial anxiety” over the nation’s demographic change.

“It’s a vengeance tour this time around. We talk about Trump all the time. We also need to talk about his voters. And I know, I know it’s not popular in the media world to not venerate the great American voter. But as Tom Nichols writes in The Atlantic, these particular voters want revenge as well on their fellow citizens. Nichols writes, ‘The Republican base actively embraces Trump’s grievances. It emulates his pettiness. It supports his childlike inability to accept responsibility. These voters are not sighing in resignation and voting for the lesser of two or three or four evils. They are getting what they want. Because they, too, are set on revenge.’”

Reid went on to accuse the media of acting like they did in 1930 when they wrote style pieces on Adolf Hitler, saying the German ruler would moderate himself.

“I feel like that is happening again because people don’t want to come at the voters. But these voters are actively saying yes, we want a dictatorship. Yes, we want him to be a dictator. Yes, we like autocracy. And it’s just not being examined,” Reid said. “People didn’t want to accept it’s not economic anxiety. It’s racial anxiety. It’s demographic panic. The reason we needed Rachel Maddow to exist in the world for most people to know how many Americans were fascist and were pro-Hitler in the 30s. People wanted to believe that all of America wanted to overthrow Hitler and was disdainful of fascism, when there was a giant chunk of America that was for fascism and wanted to replicate a Hitler in Washington, D.C.

Attacks on Trump and his voters have intensified from the liberal mainstream media since polls have emerged showing the former president’s dominance in the 2024 presidential race. The attacks have only worsened since the former president’s dominant win in the Iowa caucus.