A sanctuary city was left in shock after a mob of illegal migrants violently attacked police officers on Tuesday.

According to reports emerging from several media outlets, a group of migrants allegedly attacked two New York Police Department (NYPD) officers in New York City. Footage of the attack shows the officers approaching the suspects and telling them to leave the area. A fight then broke out between one of the suspects and the officers.

According to an NYPD source, the other members of the mob then joined the fight, kicking the officers on the head and body. The footage also shows the officers lying on the ground as the suspects eventually fled the scene.

The officers were treated on the scene for minor injuries. One suffered cuts to the face, while the other sustained minor bodily injuries.

Breitbart News reports that four suspects were initially arrested and charged with assault. However, the suspects were released from jail without bail, sparking concerns about the New York bail reforms. The reforms ensure that suspects charged with nonviolent and low-level offenses are not required to pay bail.

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed his outrage over the attack, demanding the deportation of the migrants.

“Illegals can walk across the border, beat up cops in NYC, and be released without bail,” DeSantis said. “This is a national embarrassment. Deport the illegals and close the border!”

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry condemned the attack and the criminal justice system for freeing the suspects, potentially allowing them to commit the attack again.

“Attacks on police officers are becoming an epidemic, and the reason is a revolving door we’re seeing in cases like this one,” Hendry said. “‘It is impossible for police officers to deal effectively with crime and disorder if the justice system can’t or won’t protect us while we do that work.”

According to Daily Mail, the attack comes as NYC struggles to accommodate tens of thousands of migrants in need of places to stay. The outlet also noted that the city dealt with the arrival of more than 100,000 migrants last year.

Multiple reports also claim that this is a result of illegal migration to the United States, which has reached record-breaking levels since President Joe Biden’s administration.

Alison Esposito, former NY Lieutenant Governor candidate, stated that New Yorkers are living in an upside-down world as a result of the waves of illegal immigration and bail reforms.

“Our leaders have created a system where criminals are protected over law-abiding citizens, and illegal migrants are prioritized over police officers,” Esposito said. “New York Democrats have embraced pro-criminal laws that embolden criminals, effectively surrendering our streets to lawlessness.”