New York Times columnist David Brooks said that Israel agreeing to a pause in the ongoing war with Hamas would be the right thing to do.

Brooks, while speaking On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” maintained that the White House is doing the right by calling for a pause while adding that it was the humane thing to do in order “to separate the terrorists from the population.” The Times’s columnist, however, admitted that any pause would be a disaster for Israel and lead to more bloodshed in the long run.

“I think the Biden administration is doing the right thing. The long history of terror — wars against terror organizations suggests the smart thing to do, not only the kind, but also the humane thing to do, is to separate the terrorists from the population. And so, I think a series of pauses would be a sign that Israel is at war with Hamas. It’s not at war with the population. And it would say, we’re going to take the steps we take — even if it might hurt us militarily — to get the humanitarian relief in, to get people able to move. So, I think that’s the first thing.”The second thing the Biden administration is right [about] is that a ceasefire would be a disaster, and, in my view, would lead to more bloodshed in the long term. Hamas has said, even this week, that they’re very proud of Oct. 7, they would do 100 October 7s, they would do a million October 7s, if it would lead to the extermination of Israel.”

The call for a pause in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war has gone up, with resident Joe Biden’s administration championing that war. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a Friday address to his nation, said there would be no pause until Hamas releases all the hostages it took during the Oct. 7 attack.

“I appreciate the consistent support of President Biden, the American administration and the American people,” Netanyahu said in the address. “ “I conveyed to him that we are continuing with all our might. Israel refuses a temporary ceasefire that does not include the liberation of our hostages. Israel will not allow fuel into the Gaza Strip and opposes the transfer of money into the Strip.”

Hamas on the other hand has vowed it will not release the hostages unless Israel frees all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails — including those who carried out the Oct. 7 atrocities.