Police in Colorado have cleared Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) of any wrongdoing after her ex-husband accused her of domestic violence.

Boebert’s ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, accused her of punching him in the face several times at a restaurant. However, police investigation has cleared the lawmaker of any wrongdoing,

“Although he claimed he had been punched in the face, officers observed no marks or injury on Jayson Boebert to corroborate he had actually been assaulted,” the statement said. “Staff at Miner’s Claim restaurant requested Jayson leave the restaurant due to the level of disturbance he was creating. Officers requested Jayson Boebert to leave the restaurant multiple times; however, he was uncooperative and was physically removed from the restaurant by law enforcement personnel.”

Police revealed that the lawmaker cooperated with officers upon arriving at the scene. Her ex-husband on the other hand “was highly intoxicated, yelling at officers, and was uncooperative with the investigation.”

Mike Kite, Chief of the Silt Police Department previously revealed that officers will go through the restaurant’s surveillance footage to determine what happened. The restaurant, however, had no video surveillance.

Police also revealed that no witnesses have come forward to provide a statement to back up Jayson Boebert’s claim. Authorities revealed that the lawmaker’s ex-husband recanted his claims.

“Furthermore, Jayson Boebert contacted Silt Police to recant any claims of domestic violence,” the statement concluded. “Due to a lack of any evidence, the allegations of Domestic Violence against Rep. Lauren Boebert are unfounded and the investigation into Rep. Lauren Boebert is closed.”

Prior to the release of the police report, Jayson said he and his ex-wife were working things out and that he didn’t want anything to happen to the lawmaker.

“I don’t want nothing to happen,” Jayson Boebert said. “Her and I were working through a difficult conversation.”

Rep. Boebert also denied her ex-husband’s accusation, while threatening to take legal action against her ex-husband.

“This is a sad situation for all that keeps escalating and another reason why I’m moving,” she said. “I didn’t punch Jayson in the face and no one was arrested. I will be consulting with my lawyer about the false claims he made against me and evaluate all of my legal options.”