President Joe Biden is reportedly running the White House with the ideas he gets from his favorite TV show, according to several reports from various media outlets.

According to the media outlet Axios, Biden is a devoted viewer of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosted by former Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL) and his wife, Mika Brzezinski. The president frequently calls Scarborough to get his take on the issues of the day and to vent about media reports about him.

Reports also showed that the president asks White House staff if they saw different segments of the show so much that some aides began to tune into the show, anticipating Biden’s questions. The outlet also reported that the president had sought advice from the show’s regular panelists and commentators, including former Boston Globe writer Mike Barnicle, former policy expert Richard Haass, and presidential historian Jon Meacham.

Daily Mail reports that Biden had wanted Meacham to help him write speeches and even tried to hire him but he declined the offer. According to the New York Post, MSNBC said it will no longer pay Meacham to be a contributor after he failed to disclose that he wrote the president’s speech after he won the election in 2020.

Axios also reports that despite the show being Biden’s favorite, the president may face criticism from the show. The outlet also reported that several of Biden’s top officials believe that the show gives the president more of a balanced review than other programs. Following this report, Scarborough suggested that the White House needs to let the president out in public more often.

“I think this may be one reason why the White House probably should let him out more,” Scarborough said. “There’s been concerns that he is not getting out, he is not doing enough stuff and he is not answering enough questions. All right, so if he makes a mistake, he makes a mistake.”

According to Daily Caller, Vice President Kamala Harris is also tuning in to the show. However, she follows Fox News and its afternoon talk show “The Five” to listen to the reports of her and her administration.