A senior aide to former President Donald Trump has revealed that the former president is ready to debate President Joe Biden in the next general debate.

The aide, in a statement to the Daily Caller, said Trump’s presence at the debate is not in doubt and that the worries should be on whether Joe Biden will attend the Debate.

“President Trump looks forward to debating Crooked Joe Biden next fall,” the aide told the Daily Caller. “The real question is whether or not Joe will debate President Trump. Specific to the Presidential Debate Commission, the campaign has not yet accepted the suggested terms made recently.”

The Biden campaign has, so far, remained silent on if the president will debate his successor. Former White House communications director and Biden 2020 deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield told NBC News that the president was waiting for the GOP to pick its nominee before he decides.

“]It is] a good strategic decision to know who your opponent will be before you commit to debating them.,” Bedingfield said. “We know that the RNC has already pulled out of the general election debates, and, of course, Trump isn’t currently debating in the primaries. The Biden campaign doesn’t need to lock themselves into a process yet when there are this many unknowns — and the only thing we do know is that his potential opponent lies with abandon on a debate stage. They can wait and make a strategic decision when more comes into focus.”

Mark R. Weaver, a GOP strategist, insisted that Joe Biden will not debate the president, adding that the president will find any excuse not to be on the debate stage with Trump.

“Trump will [debate]. Joe won’t,” Mark R. Weaver told the Daily Caller. “Joe will find a reason not to. He’ll say that he can’t debate an election denier or by then if there’s been a conviction that you can’t debate a convicted person. He’ll find some reason to not have to stand up there and answer tough questions.”

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) on Nov. 20 announced the dates and locations for the three general election debates for 2024. The first debate will be held on Sept. 16 at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. The second will follow on Oct. 1 at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia, while the third is scheduled for Oct. 9, at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Frank Fahrenkopf and Antonia Hernández, the co-chairs of the CPD, said in a joint statement that the debate is a model for other countries.

“This tradition remains unbroken since 1976,” the joint statement reads. “In 2024, students at our four debate sites will help bring another set of historic conversations to audiences here and abroad. And their campuses will anchor four unique chances to listen and learn.”