Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) on Friday said President Joe Biden’s decision to waive sanctions on Iran is the reason American hostages held by Hamas were not released on Friday.

Hamas on Friday released the first batch of hostages it took from Israel during the Oct. 7 attack. The terror group released 13 Israeli women and children hostages, 12 Thai hostages and one Filipino hostage. However, the terror group did not release a single American hostage.

Rep. Gimenez, while speaking on Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s

“Mornings with Maria,” told host Jackie DeAngelis that the president’s weakness on Iran is why Hamas did not release any American hostages.

“Yeah, and instead of fighting to get Americans back, what’s this President do? Just recently, he gave the okay for Iraq to buy $10 billion worth of energy from Iran, $10 billion,” Gimenez said. “And so, look, the United States has at least economic — it could put economic pressure on Hamas’ major benefactor, Iran, and start to starve them of the cash that they need to sustain Hamas and Hezbollah and all of those other terrorist activities, but they refuse to do that. And so, it’s up to the Israelis to do the tasks that America really needs to do for itself or at least in conjunction with Israel. And so, again, this President, all he shows is weakness. And, frankly, I have no faith in his ability to free those American hostages. Let’s see what happens in the future.”

The lawmaker also blasted the president’s decision to go on vacation in Nantucket while Americans are being held hostage in Gaza.

“He should have more empathy for the American hostages and families and should be viewed as doing everything in his power to get them back,” Gimenez added. Not really vacationing and Nantucket but that seems to be what President Biden does most of the time. He doesn’t spend much time in the White House. He spends a lot of his time away.