Pro-Palestine and Anti-Israel lawmaker Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) engaged in spreading falsehood about Israel’s current war against Hamas in Gaza.

The Democrat lawmaker took to her X social media account to share a false and misleading image of dead children in theStrip, blaming their death on Israel.

The picture —which showed dozens of dead children wrapped in white cloths— was posted by self-described “investigative journalist” Sulaiman Ahmed and tagged “CHILD GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE. 614 Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli IOF Forces.” Omar, a fierce critic of Israel, then reposted the image to her nearly 3 million followers.

However, the dead children in the image were not Palestinian children and died more than a decade ago. According to a National Geographic article, the Children died in Damascus, Syria, shortly after they succumbed to chemical weapon poisoning. The image was also taken from the magazine’s article which was published in August 2013.

Omar’s latest falsehood against Israel drew wide condemnation on social media, with former New York Democratic lawmaker Dov Hikind calling Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) hypocrites and propagandist. AOC had earlier shared a post urging people not to share misleading and false images about the Israel-Hamas war.

“The level of misinformation in all directions at this moment is incredibly high, especially on this platform,” AOC posted on X. “If you see a claim, photo, or video that triggers a strong emotional reaction, take a moment to pause and check for veracity/confirmation from multiple sources.”

Hikind reposted AOC’s post, adding that the Congresswoman “ought to have a word” with Omar.

“@AOC ought to have a word with @IlhanMN about her pathetic promotion of an image of dead babies from Syria killed by Assad to try and malign Israel,” Hikind wrote on X. “But of course AOC is a HYPOCRITE just as Ilhan is a propagandist!”