In what is turning out to be sensational news on social media, a group of armed robbers had their getaway car hijacked after they robbed a local cashing business in Colorado.

According to the Commerce City Police Department (CCPD) in Chicago, three masked individuals allegedly robbed Hi Lo Check Cashing just before 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. However, the robbers received the shock of their lives when they discovered that a fourth criminal had stolen their getaway car. Police said the fourth criminal was not part of the group.

“In an unexpected and ironic twist: while the trio was robbing the business, a 4th criminal stole their getaway vehicle… which could have already been stolen. We don’t know,” Commerce Police wrote on X. “ If we get a good description, we’ll share it here.”

Police arrested two of the robbers while the third one got away. The fourth criminal who stole the getaway car has also not been arrested as of Monday. Authorities said the suspects are believed to be juveniles under the age of 18.

“The investigation is ongoing. We are relieved no one was injured,” police said.

Social media users reacted to the news with glee, with one user saying it warms their heart.

“Warms your heart doesn’t it?? To put a perfect ending to the story,” the user wrote on X.

“Apparently, one didn’t know their assignment. Getaway driver role… stay in car, keep car running, watch for popo AND DON’T let getaway car GET STOLEN!” a user commented on the police department’s post on Facebook.

Another user wrote “what a plot twist,” prompting the police department to respond by saying “we can’t make this stuff up.”

Popular conservative voice and creator of Libs Of TikTok Chaya Raichik blamed the incident on President Joe Biden, adding that the incident demonstrates how bad crime has gotten under the current administration.

“This is how bad crime is in Joe Biden’s America. Armed robbers had their getaway car stolen in [the] middle of a robbery,” Raichik wrote on X.