A group of looters picked the wrong store after the business’ security guard opened fire on them.

According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, six suspects broke into a Chanel Store in Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening. One of the suspects was armed with a fire extinguisher.

D.C. Metro Police (MPD) Commander Tatjana Savoy told NBC4 Washington that two of the suspects waited outside while the other four entered the store at about 5:30 p.m. Savoy added that police responded to the scene after receiving a call about a robbery involving multiple suspects.

“Of the group, four entered and stole an undetermined amount of merchandise and they fled the scene,” Savoy said.

Police revealed that the suspect armed with the fire extinguisher used it as a weapon. The suspect deployed the liquid in the fire extinguisher as a distraction.

The armed security guard, who was hired by the store, fired a single shot at the suspects as they fled the scene in a white Sedan. Authorities revealed the gunshot did not cause any injury or death.

“That round did not take effect,” Savoy said. “At this time, we do not have any proper damage nor do we have any reported injuries. We have our internal affairs on the scene. They are combing through interviews and video footage.

MPD internal affairs officers were investigating whether the guard was justified in firing his weapon at the suspects. Police say they are looking for the white sedan the suspects fled in.

Police also released a picture of one of the suspects. The picture was captured on the store’s surveillance camera.

The store suffered a similar attack earlier this year. At least 15 suspects broke into the store on Feb. 12, 2023. The suspects in that incident wore masks and hoods and used a fire extinguisher as a distraction.