Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave a chilling warning to Iran and Hamas after reports emerged that the terrorist organization kidnaped Americans in Saturday’s attack on Israel.

According to President Joe Biden, 14 Americans have died as a result of the attack. Biden noted that the terrorist group has also kidnapped several American civilians.

Iran, which is the number one state sponsor of terrorists, has been accused of sponsoring and helping plan the attack that has seen over 1,000 Israeli citizens killed. Most of those killed are innocent women and children.

Graham, while speaking on CNN, maintained that the death of the 14 Americans means the U.S. is already “directly involved.” Graham expressed sympathy with their families before adding that America should take military actions against Hamas and Iran if American hostages are killed.

“Here is what I’m saying, I want to be very clear,” Graham said. ‘If they (Hamas) start killing those (American and Israeli) hostages, and if there is an attack by Hezbollah in the north, creating two fronts for Israel. What I would do is, I would bomb Iran’s oil infrastructure. This was a coordinated land, sea and air attack that had been months in the making. It’s time that Iran ‘pay a price for financing terror. It is now time to dismantle the finance system of terrorism.”


Graham added that if it were up to him, he would sanction a joint military operation between Israel and the United to target Iran’s oil infrastructures.

The North Carolina lawmaker dismissed the Biden Administration National Security team’s claim that there is no evidence that Iran helped plan the attack.

“There is no way in the world that this happened without Iran knowing. If you know the relationship between Iran and Hamas, that is impossible to believe,” Graham said.