Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has turned on President Joe Biden amid news that the Democrat senator may run as an independent candidate in the next election. Manchin made the comments while speaking on the partisan division in Congress and U.S. politics in general.

Manchin, while speaking on CNN’s “The Source,” maintains that President Biden is not the same person the American people thought he was when they elected him in 2020.
I’ve been, to a certain extent, on President Biden, he’s not the person we thought that was…elected being a centrist and moderate,” Manchin said. “He’s been pushed so far to the left. So, if we have this movement in the middle, maybe we can pull people back to a commonsense middle to where they can go.”
Manchin, who also criticized former President Donald Trump, went after Joe Biden’s extreme positions on the border and spending while suggesting that success can’t be achieved from such extreme positions.

“You cannot run your life from the extremes. You’re not going to be successful. It’s very difficult,” Manchin said. “You’re not going to have a successful business if you’re in the extremes. And you can’t continue to run this country. You can’t have open borders, you can’t have the runaway debt, you can’t have the problems that we have, the challenges, crime, all of the things that we’ve got to fight. We’ve got two of our allies fighting for their life in Israel and Ukraine right now that we’re trying to prevent ourselves from getting pulled into a war. There’s so much going on.”
Manchin’s comments on Biden come amid rising speculation that he might run for the White House as an independent candidate under the No Labels Flag. Though he has not officially announced his decision, the lawmaker admitted that he is considering the prospect.

“Your saying does that mean you would consider it [running for president]? Absolutely,” Manchin said on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports. “Every American should consider if they’re in a position to help save the country. I think we’re on the wrong course. I will do everything possible.”