Former President Donald Trump hit back at efforts being made in Michigan to bar him from the 2024 presidential ballot.

According to The Daily Wire, Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit targeting Michigan Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson who could potentially kick Trump off the 2024 presidential primary or general election using the 14th Amendment.

Trump’s legal team asked the court for a declarative ruling stating that Benson has no authority to remove the former president from the ballot. The lawsuit also wants the court to issue an injunction preventing Benson from kicking Trump off the ballot.

“Despite President Trump’s tremendous popularity, there are people who want to deny Michigan voters the opportunity to express their choice by voting for him. To accomplish this, they want the Secretary of State to violate her duties and exercise powers she does not have to keep President Trump’s name off of the ballot. And they want to use this court as a vehicle to do it,” the lawsuit said. There is an actual controversy, the outcome of which will determine how President Trump and his campaign allocate their resources both in Michigan and around the country. The Secretary’s failure to respond is creating uncertainty, which impacts how President Trump will allocate resources. This uncertainty is compounded by the fact that Secretary Benson is an active member of the opposing major political party and has publicly weighed in with her negative views of President Trump.”

Elsewhere,  efforts are being made in a Denver District Court to get Trump kicked off the 2024 ballot. The Colorado challenge to Trump’s 2024 eligibility claims that the former president is not eligible to run for office based on provisions of the 14th Amendment. That provision bars insurrectionists from holding office.

Trump, who is GOP frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election, has maintained that efforts to kick him off using the 14th Amendment are election interference.

“This is like a banana republic,” Trump told radio host Dan Bongino last month. “And what they’re doing is, it’s called election interference. … Now the 14th Amendment is just a continuation of that. It’s nonsense.”