Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to make an audacious move on his rivals’ stronghold.

According to The New York Post, Trump is planning to hold an election rally in South Bronx in an attempt to flip New York red in 2024.

The former president is currently discussing with the New York Young Republican President Gavin Wax on plans to hold a rally in the Empire State. The potential rally could take place when the former president visits the state for the New York Young Republican group’s gala in New York City this week.

Wax, who says he was inspired by former President Reagan’s own visit to the area in August 1980, revealed that he spoke with Trump for about 30 minutes during the group’s dinner service.

“He said he liked the idea, he wants the club to lead it. I said we have a large Hispanic caucus and a large black caucus that could lead the way,” Wax said. “I thought he should just walk up and down the Grand Concourse and see what happens.”

Wax told The Post that the former president saw an opportunity to win New York’s black votes who are unhappy with President Joe Biden and the Democrat party.

“Democrats have destroyed New York City and they have made life much more difficult for everyone in the State of New York, and that’s reflected in the polling showing momentum for President Trump. The map in 2024 is going to look much different than it did in 2016 or 2020,” a senior Trump aide told The Post.

According to The Post, Wax said the rally would have to take place after the 2024 primaries. Trump’s comments during the group dinner’s service echoed some of Wax’s comments, with the former president vowing to flip New York

“We’re going to take New York,” Trump said. “I believe we have a great chance … With hundreds of thousands of people living on the sidewalks and streets and illegal aliens invading our city and state like nobody thought possible.”