Former Fox News Host and co-owner of Daily Caller Tucker Carlson insists that the sole purpose of humans’ existence is to reproduce.

Carlson made the revelation while responding to a questioner during Tuesday’s episode of “Ask Tucker.”

“If I achieve one thing in life, what should it be?” the questioner asked.

Carlson maintained that reproduction is the “only one objective” in life.

“Now, it tells you a lot about modern America that that’s even a question. No person, certainly no man in the previous, say, 15,000 years would have asked, ‘What should I achieve in life?’ There’s really only one objective in life. And that’s reproduction,” Carlson said.“You could spend your entire life working for Deutsche Bank, which is obviously pointless and destructive of the social order. And you probably wouldn’t feel good about that. But if you had a bunch of kids, you would still win because you’re passing on your genes.”

Carlson suggested that those who have lived a life of crime and have multiple arrests on their record are one of life’s big winners if they have children.

“Next time you read about someone who has like, 27 arrests and he’s been arrested for some horrible crime and he’s a complete ne’er-do-well if not menace to society. George Floyd, for example. Find out how many kids that person has,” Carlson said.” Push a little more deeply into his background and I’d be willing to bet my late-model car that he’s got more kids than you. So who’s really ahead? You? Or George Floyd? You? Or the guy with 27 drug arrests? The guy with 27 drug arrests. If he’s got more kids than you, he wins because in the end, that’s how we tally the race. By reproduction. Get to it. Have some pups.”