Police have arrested two brothers who authorities said had a “human sacrifice” hit list that included cops.

Andrew Hatziagelis, 39, and his brother Angelo, 51, were inducted on 130 counts of criminal possession of a weapon and other charges.

Police carried out a search warrant on January 17 at the brothers’ family home and discovered several deadly weapons. The items discovered included assault rifles, semi-automatic ghost guns, pistols, anarchist propaganda, and improvised explosive devices. It also included eight operable bombs.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz also said the brothers had documents and notebooks with a hit list of police officers, judges, politicians, celebrities, bankers and others. However, the list did not include the name of any specific individual.

“The city is safer today”, Katz said. “We cannot measure the number of lives that were saved, but we do know that these weapons will never hurt anyone. It is significant to note that homemade explosives, in general, and improvised explosive devices, such as the ones we recovered, are extremely unpredictable and highly volatile. The mere act of removing them from the house and having them submitted for testing is risky for the NYPD and for any office or agency that enters the building they’re contained in.”

Katz said the brothers do not belong to a larger terrorist group, and her office was still investigating. Among the discovered items was a small handheld radio that prosecutors said the brothers used to listen to transmissions from the 114th police precinct.

According to the District Attorney’s office, investigators also discovered anti-government manifestos the brothers wrote.

The New York Post reports that one document found at the brother’s residence included a note about human sacrifices that would target corrupt people who commit assaults, pedophiles, murderers, politicians, and judges.

“Wipe out the scum,” the note read. “Wipe out the earth.”

Following the incident, NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Caban said in a statement;

“Today’s charges underscore the harsh reality that our communities contain a small number of people who conceivably harbor evil intent,” Cuban said. “This cache of weapons including explosives and untraceable, 3D-printed ghost guns. had the potential to wreak horrendous carnage.”

The brothers’ next court date is scheduled for February 15. If convicted, they could face up to 25 years in prison.