Two United States senators have introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for military strikes against Iran if any of its terror organizations in the Middle East kill many U.S. soldiers or if Hezbollah joins Hamas in attacking Israel.

The bipartisan resolution Introduced by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) means The U.S. will be in an open war with Iran if Israel is overwhelmed in its war with Hamas or if the Islamic Republic’s terror proxies kill any American personnel.

“It basically says, if the war expands, if Hezbollah opens up a second front in the north against Israel in a substantial way to overwhelm Iron Dome, then we should hit the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Graham said on CNN’s State of The Union. “There is no Hamas without the Ayatollahs’ support. There is no Hezbollah without the Ayatollahs’ support. The great Satan in the region is not Israel or the United States. It’s Iran.If any of our troops are killed in Syria and Iraq by Iranian-backed militias, I think that’s an expansion of the war. So, the resolution puts Iran on notice that all this military force in the region will be coming after you if you expand this war by activating Hezbollah or killing an American through your proxies in Syria and Iraq. And they need to hear that. They need to believe that.”


Last week, Graham told Fox News that the U.S. needs to respond to Iran’s aggression. Graham insisted that Iran would end its aggression only when it believed the U.S. was capable of striking it.

“Nobody seems to be intimidated by the world don’t,” Graham said on Fox News. “Here is what would intimidate the Iranians. Do what Trump did. Put them in your crosshairs. They will stop this overnight if they believe we have the will to use capability to hurt them. They will stop only when they believe we will hurt them. Our deterrence has failed under Biden. It needs to be reestablished. and if Trump does get to be president 2025, all this will stop in about a week.