Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky may have gotten his country into an uncomfortable situation after he openly criticized former President Donald Trump after an address and closed-door meetings at the World Economic Forum (WEF) conclave in Davos, Switzerland.

Trump had previously claimed that he would end the Russia-Ukraine war within 24 hours of retaking the White House. Zelensky, while speaking after his address and closed-door meeting, invited the former president to Ukraine to make good on his promise.

“Donald Trump, I invite you to Ukraine, to Kyiv. If you can stop the war during 24 hours, I think it will be enough to come,” Zelensky said before blasting Trump’s offer. “Trump is going to make decisions on his own, without … I’m not even talking about Russia, but without both sides, without us. If he says this publicly, that’s a little scary. I’ve seen a lot, a lot of victims, but that’s really making me a bit stressed. Because even if his idea (for ending the war) – that no one has heard yet – doesn’t work for us, for our people, he will do anything to implement his idea anyway. And this worries me a little.”

Zelensky had previously expressed fears over Trump taking back the White House, noting that he was unsure if the former president would be willing to support Ukraine like President Joe Biden is currently doing.

“President Biden is the president during a full-scale war and he has been more helpful to us than President Trump,” Zelensky said last June. “In a situation like this, when there is support, you are afraid of changes,” Zelensky said. “And to be honest, when you mention a change of administration, I feel the same way as anyone… You want changes for the better, but it can also be the other way around.”

Zelensky comments come even as various polls show Trump is the favorite to win back the White House later this year. Should Trump win the 2024 presidential election, Zelensky and the former president could go on to have a frosty relationship, given the Ukraine leader’s recent comments.