A woman from Leeds, England, shared a picture of what appeared to be an unidentified flying object hovering over her house for years.

Kay Thorpe, 36, a mother of three, said the shining object has been hanging over her home for years, so she decided to take a photo, hoping she could zoom in and see what the object is.

“Where I live, you don’t often see a lot of stars but this one particular star is above my house every night and every morning,” Thorpe said. “And I kept looking at it thinking ‘that can’t be a star’ because it’s always there but it doesn’t flicker like a star. It’s been there for years. It wasn’t twinkling and I thought what else could it be? So I decided to take a photo on my phone but when you zoom in that far on your phone, it can become distorted. But I managed to keep it quite still and get a clear photo. When I took the picture, I just saw that shape. My first thought was it could be some sort of extra-terrestrial. I didn’t think it was a spaceship but when I saw the shape, I thought that’s not normal.”

The 36-year-old said she freaked out and was scared when she zoomed in on the image and saw what she had just photographed.

“When I looked at it, I was freaked out. I thought ‘am I safe’? I thought, could it be the international space station?”

Thorpe shared the image on her social media page, leaving many users wondering what the object could be.

One social media user suggested that the object is clearly a “TARDIS.” Tardis is the extra-terrestrial time-traveling machine used by Dr Who in the famous science fiction movie.

“I shared it online and everyone started saying it’s Doctor Who, it’s the TARDIS,” Thorpe added. “I’m not a Doctor Who fan but I knew what people meant when they said it. A lot of people said TARDIS. I don’t believe we’re alone. I think there’s something out there – I don’t think we’re the only species.”

Thorpe says she’s worried something could be looking down on humans while revealing that some suggested the object could be heaven’s door.

“The thought has dawned on me that something could be looking down on us. “Because it’s been there for that many years I know I must be safe,” Thorpe said. “Unless I’ve been abducted and my memory’s been wiped! A couple of people said it’s heaven’s door and we’ve recently had a bereavement so I’d like to think it’s maybe that.”