Billy Jack Haynes, a former Wrestlemania star, was arrested in Portland, Oregon, after police reported that he killed his wife in their home last week.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, officers responded to reports of a shooting in the city on Thursday morning. Haynes was reportedly still in the house when police arrived and was detained after a two-hour standoff.

When officers got into the house, they found Haynes’ wife, Janette Becraft’s lifeless body. Haynes was then taken to a local hospital for conditions unrelated to the shooting or arrest. He will be booked into jail when he’s released.

Sgt. Kevin Allen, a spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau, said there were no updates regarding the murder case and refused to elaborate on the nature of Haynes’s medical condition.

Brelynn Matthieu, a neighbor, told the news reporters that she knew the couple well and that she had recently been staying with the deceased, who had dementia, while Haynes recovered in the hospital from a rib injury sustained during a fall.

“I was pretty decently close to both of them and loved them very much. It’s a really sad day, all around.” Matthieu said.

According to Daily Mail, Becraft was the mother of another pro-wrestler, Tod Becraft, who fought under the name Tod Ruhl. Haynes and Tod were best friends and met when they were nine years old. When Becraft’s first husband, Dwight, died, she married Haynes.

Becraft’s daughter, Kim Becraft Finlay, shared an emotional post on Facebook.

“You are now flying with the Angels. They are lucky to have such a beautiful soul. Love you, Mom,” Kim wrote.

Her niece, Sue Becraft, also wrote;

“When a family member is murdered, as my Aunt Jan was this past Thursday morning in Portland, all that comes flooding back is the endless work her daughter did to get her away from her perpetrator,” Sue wrote. “She loved her mother deeply and did all she could, but services she called to help her, only failed her and Jan.”

New York Post reports that Haynes is best known for his time in WWE between 1986 and 1988. He is also known for fighting in WrestleMania III. He retired from the ring in 1995 after fighting in New Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW, and USWA.