A popular YouTuber’s holiday took a bad turn after he got arrested in a case that can only be described as instant karma.

Aspiring comedian and drill rapper Richard Sharp, 24, is a social media prankster famous for taunting officers of the New York Police Department. Sharp regularly posts videos of him antagonizing police officers and getting in their faces. In one case, the 24-year-old tried to reach for an officer’s gun.

“That’s a real Glock on your hip?” Sharp asked one officer according to The New York Post. “Let me hold that mother f—er.”

Following the incident, the NYPD immediately issued an alert for his arrest but Sharp responded with another one of his taunts.

“Ya’ll not gonna catch me,” Sharp shot back on TikTok. “I don’t know why ya’ll posting this. Ya’ll not catching me. I’m gonna be in Mexico somewhere on King David.”

Sharp even goes as far as making racist taunts at police officers, including telling one Asian-American cop in Times Square that he looked like legendary actor Bruce Lee.

“Get back, Bruce Lee-looking man,” he’s heard telling the officer. “On King David, you’re acting like Bruce Lee, shorty. Stop playing me, shorty before I do that to your ass.”

However, Karma dealt Sharp a huge blow after he was arrested by a Port Authority Police officer as he was getting ready to taunt an officer. Sharp approached Port Authority Police Officer Bradley DeSalvo and was about to begin antagonizing the officer when the officer recognized Sharp as a person of interest in an attempted robbery case.

“A YouTuber who films his antagonistic interactions with police officers approached Port Authority Police Officer Bradley DeSalvo in the 8th Avenue entrance of the Port Authority Bus Terminal,” the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association union wrote on Instagram. “As the YouTuber was about to begin his act with a cohort filming, PO DeSalvo had a different trick up his sleeve. It’s not clear if his cameraman captured the arrest on film, but he can rest assured the PAPD did. Isn’t it ironic?”

Sharp was wanted for an incident at a smoke shop on Broadway where he got into a dispute with employees over pricing. According to Manhattan prosecutors, the 24-year-old unzipped his black coat and flashed what appeared to be a gun at the employees before leaving. Sharp pleaded not guilty to a first-degree attempted robbery charge and was released without bail.