Biden’s Strategy TANKS

With the 2024 presidential race beginning to ramp up, “The Big Weekend Show” panelists have been analyzing how the top two candidates for higher office seek to connect with voters in ways that could hardly be more different heading into Thursday’s debate. The difference could not be starker; it tells you everything about the leadership each candidate would offer.

President Biden’s campaign seemingly puts more emphasis on playing defense than offense. His team is reportedly as leaky as a sieve, sharing humiliating stories about his debate prep and arousing skepticism about his bodily and mental health. Meanwhile, Biden is holed up in Camp David with advisers practicing how to stand, and for the last 90 minutes, he answers questions, showing just how detached and unprepared a candidate he may be. Even the leak of promises of “surprises” from his team proves that they understand how much trouble Biden is in as a candidate. This is not the leadership America wants.

By contrast, Donald Trump is well on his way, having already met voters around the country. He comes in such a simple and strong manner and meets people where they are at all costs. Trump is out there, riling up his base and slowly but surely converting the undecideds with his consistent, succinct slams on her record. For his part, his campaign concentrates on touting the record of pre-pandemic economic growth and concerns like border security and U.S. relations with other countries.

The panelists on “The Big Weekend Show” described how Americans are reacting to Trump, fed up with an Obama administration overpowered by its own overwhelming failures. A failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, a botched border crisis, and rampant inflation are the worst challenges plaguing Biden’s record. The distractions of “surprises” are being seen for what they are, and the voters appear to be looking for a leader who has demonstrated that he can deliver. We are fighting for this: his no-nonsense attitude and only the American’s first mentality.

On top of that, Biden had to walk back his latest gaffe in which he not only dismissed reports of Hamas’s atrocities as “propaganda” but apologized for doing so, further turning off potential moderate and right-leaning voters. This is just the latest example of how out of touch he is with reality and serious world issues. Meanwhile, Trump’s unapologetically condemning terror and firmly standing with our ally Israel is a powerful beacon of leadership to the world.

More will be known Thursday when the contenders convene on a debate stage for the first time. The choices between the candidates are pretty obvious. With Biden, we continue down a road of weak leadership and failed policies, or we go back to the strong, decisive leadership of Donald Trump. Now that the debate season is in full swing, next week will be a big symbolic opportunity for voters to witness these differences, and they are likely to make President Trump’s status as the one candidate left who can Make America Great Again.