A celebrity and critic of former President Donald Trump has revealed he has turned his back on President Joe Biden and may vote for Trump in 2024.

Actor Michael Rapaport, one of Trump’s fiercest critics, said his political views have changed and that voting for Trump in November is on the table.

“My political views have changed immensely,” Rapaport said in an interview. “I will not vote for Joe Biden. At this point when we’re doing this interview, voting for Trump is on the table. People are like, ‘What are you talking about?’ That’s my reality. I will not support anybody who’s anti-Israel. I will not support anybody that is anti-making America safe.”

Rapaport cited the rising anti-police sentiments under Joe Biden and the New York City incident where a group of immigrants attacked two police officers, adding that he is not in support of “police officers in the greatest city on earth getting beaten up.”

“You’re an illegal immigrant and then you have no bail, [and then] flipping off the f***ing camera,” the actor added. I’m not down with going into a Costco or a 7/11, cleaning out the spot,” he said of flash mobs who are looting retail stores in blue cities. “So any of these people that support it, I’m not voting for them. I’m not getting caught up or suckered into these race politics or any of that bulls*** anymore.”

Rapaport’s statements come after he admitted in February that he was wrong to have helped spread the “very fine people hoax.” The actor, in an interview on the Patrick Bet David (“PBD”) podcast, said he was wrong to have ranted about the incident.

“One thing about the Charlottesville — that I ranted about, and I was wrong,” the actor said. “When you see the full quote, that wasn’t what he said. And… you know… I ranted on him hard for that. Cos I was like what are you talking about.”

During the podcast, Rapaport revealed that he was leaning towards voting for Trump. He, however, maintained that he would not vote for Joe Biden or his vice, Kamala Harris.