A Jewish woman was allegedly abducted and threatened with murder by a man who reportedly sought to avenge Palestine in France.

The unidentified suspect, 32, was charged with death threats due to religion and use of narcotics following his arrest in Gennevilliers on Sunday.

An investigation by the authorities revealed that the victim met the suspect through a dating app in 2023. The victim also claimed she had been trapped in the suspect’s home.

According to prosecutors, the suspect allegedly sent a message to the victim’s mother which reads:

“Good luck; you will never find your daughter. You will never see her again.”

He also threatened to force the victim into prostitution. In addition, the suspect also sent a message to the victim’s former boyfriend that he wanted to avenge Palestine.

On Sunday, the victim eventually used her phone to alert her mother to the situation. According to Daily Mail, the suspect was taken into custody in Nanterre and placed under judicial control with a ban on possessing a weapon and coming in contact with the victim.

According to the outlet, police custody was lifted on Tuesday, ahead of the trial on June 21 before the 16th criminal chamber.

According to the Times of Israel, the suspect was initially investigated for kidnapping, assault and making death threats.

The kidnapping accusation was later dropped, and the prosecution said the assault suspicion required further investigation.

The incident has sparked national outrage in France and has raised fears of a growing trend of anti-Semitism.

Elsa Faucillon, Hauts-de-Seine MP, reacted to the incident in a post on X, stating that it was an antisemitic act and offered solidarity with the woman.

“Horrified by this despicable and anti-Semitic act. Sharing solidarity and moved thought for this woman,” she wrote.

Former Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen pledged her support to the victim and Jewish compatriots.

“Far-left politicians, who for six months have multiplied inflammatory declarations and speeches of unacceptable violence, bear a heavy responsibility in this climate of anti-Semitic hatred,” Le Pen wrote. “I provide all my support to the victim and our Jewish compatriots.