In what is being described as a shocking admission, Fatah —the “moderate” ruling party of the Palestinian Authority— confirmed what the Israeli government has been saying about Hamas.

A Fatah-run Awdah TV host admitted live on air that Hamas has not only been endangering Gazans by hiding among the civilian population, it has also killed aid workers to take control of aid flowing into Gaza.

According to the report, Hamas has been committing what is essentially a triple crime against its own citizens and aid workers. The Fatah TV anchor revealed that Hamas has killed aid workers in order to control aid distribution, stolen the food and water for itself, and caused food prices to rise significantly.

“Hamas’ persecution of any party who is a source for distributing the [humanitarian] aid or securing it began from the start of the war (i.e., 2023 Gaza war), as Hamas persecuted well-known figures and teams of volunteers on the ground in mid-October [2023],” the anchor said. “It attacked them and killed some of them for two reasons: Firstly, preventing any activity by any [other] party in the Gaza Strip; and secondly, ensuring Hamas control over the aid and its storage, which of course leads to these crazy and unreal prices that no one can pay in the shadow of this destruction. After the occupation (i.e., Israel) bombed storehouses controlled by Hamas, the accumulation of tons of various food and aid products that Hamas had taken exclusivity over became clear, at a time when the Gaza Strip is suffering from hunger.”

The shocking revelation comes as President Joe Biden continues to blame Israel for the rising casualties of war in the ongoing war with Hamas. Biden has been very critical of Israel, with the president set to announce sanctions on a unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for alleged human rights abuses against Palestinians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an X post, slammed the unprecedented decision as the “height of absurdity.”

“At an hour when our soldiers are fighting the monsters of terror, the intention to impose a sanction on a unit in the IDF is the height of absurdity and a moral low,” Netanyahu wrote.