As the drama surrounding Michael Cohen’s epic perjury on Thursday continues to unfold, one CNN anchor revealed what the jury thinks of the ex-convict’s testimony.

Cohen had testified in court that he made a 96-second call to former President Donald Trump in 2016 to discuss the Stormy Daniels hush money payments. However, Trump’s attorney,  Todd Blanche, proved in court that Cohen made the talk so he could speak with Trump’s personal aide, Keith Schiller.

Following Cohen’s testimony on Thursday, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper suggested that the jury did not believe Cohen was telling the truth.

“Let me ask you if I can put you in the jury box, having just witnessed that piece of cross-examination, do you have doubts that that conversation happened the way Michael Cohen testified?” CNN legal analyst Elie Honig asked Cooper.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. I think it’s devastating for Michael Cohen’s credibility on this, I mean on this one particular topic. It’s hard too, I don’t know. Yes. I think if I was a juror in this case watching that, I would think, this guy’s making this up as he’s going along or he’s making this particular story up,” Cooper said.

Earlier in the show, Cooper noted that Cohen’s antics during cross-examination prove he was lying.

“Throughout the day, Michael Cohen, when cornered, he found himself in a corner. He does have a pattern of suddenly not understanding the questions being asked are seemingly kind of, I mean, one could say buying time to try to figure out what, how he wants to answer,” Cooper said. “But he definitely suddenly starts to have Todd Blanche repeat questions saying, ‘I don’t quite understand what you mean, I’m confused by the question.’ But this time, Michael Cohen was cornered in what appeared here to be a lie, I think to many in the room. You could tell the importance of the moment and everyone in the courtroom could tell and if you were unaware of it, the clicking of every of every reporters’ in the room typewriters, it was like a crescendo because the drama of the moment was so clear to everybody.”