Attorney for convicted liar Michael Cohen mounted an incredible defense of her client’s lies, leaving many.

Former President Donald Trump’s defense attorney exposed many of Cohen’s lies during cross-examination. The former president’s defense team also got Cohen to admit he stole part of the money that is at the heart of the ongoing criminal trial.

Following Chen’s testimony, Danya Perry —Cohen’s lawyer— sat with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on MSNBC to discuss her client’s testimony. During the show, Perry claimed her client was more credible because he told the truth about his past lies.

Perry insisted that her client’s admittance to his past lies, including lying under oath, made his testimony in the hush money case more credible.

“I think Michael has been nothing but forthright with this prosecution team. He has made his peace with his admittedly checkered past and has decided to turn his loyalties away from Mr. Trump and toward his family and his country,” Perry told Psaki. “Some of the so-called ‘aha’ or ‘gotcha’ moments were given to the defense care of Michael Cohen. The takeaway here is that he has made his peace with his admittedly checkered past. … And he was also truthful about the many lies and mistakes he’s made along the way.”

Perry also dismissed Cohen’s former lawyer, Robert Costello’s testimony, arguing that the testimony did not hurt her client’s credibility.

“I don’t think there were any blows that landed,” Perry said. “I think Michael testified exactly what that relationship was and why he stayed at arms’ length from Bob Costello. I think the jury saw that on full display today.”

Perry’s remark drew fierce criticism from X users, with many calling her client a liar.

“He is a liar.  Much like Washington, that lies daily. How is it that the media and left think a serial liar is credible?” One user wrote on X.

“Sooooooo Danya………. As long as I am forthright about my sordid, dishonest past, you should believe me now? Is that what you’re saying, Danya?” Another user wrote.

“He lied on the stand. He admitted to stealing $60,000 which is Grand Larceny,” another user wrote. “I am not sure even a Manhattan Jury can justify a guilty conviction. I hope the Prosecution draws a map for the jury to follow, after today their heads must be spinning. Garbage in, garbage out.”