The Justice Department on Thursday charged a 35-year-old man with attempting to carry out a mass shooting in a Church last year.

The prompt action of vigilant law enforcement officers saved the lives of several Virginia Christians after they arrested Rui Jiang outside their church last September. According to the Justice Department, Jiang —who was apprehended with a semi-automatic handgun and two loaded magazines— showed up to the church with intent to shoot the members of the congregation.

The Justice Department, in a statement, revealed that police began searching for Jiang on Sept. 23, 2023, after a concerned citizen called about the suspect’s online posts. Jiang had posted online threats against the Park Valley Church in Haymarket.

“The officer observed multiple pictures posted to the account, including one burning a Bible in a frying pan on top of a stove, one with a Bible placed on the bathroom floor, and threatening messages against a church and the government,” the DOJ wrote in An affidavit in support of Jiang’s arrest. “There were also pictures of a silhouette target with bullet holes in it with the hashtag’ Fk God,’ as well as pictures from inside a white vehicle parked in a church parking lot at night.”

Another post he made read: “Welcome to Park Valley church, attended by many top secret gov clearance holders in the area. From this day forward, you will know that this is how you will repaid me. Blood will be on your hands.”

Police located the suspect in front of the church with the weapon while the church held a Sunday service on Sept. 24. Following his arrest, authorities executed a search warrant of the suspect’s home and discovered five copies of a letter he had signed.

“To the families of those men about to be slain – I am sorry for what I have done and about to do. May your tears not be cried in vain, but to celebrate how your loved ones had lived.” Jiang was arrested and detained by state authorities on Sept. 24, 2023,” Jiang wrote.

The DOJ also charged Jiang with attempting to obstruct the church congregants in the free exercise of their religious beliefs.

If convicted, Jiang faces a mandatory minimum penalty of five years in prison and a maximum penalty of life in prison.